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The OC review was created in 1923 in Toulouse by Ismaël Girard, and since then has not ceased publication. Its whole history reflects the message of its founder : “We belong to the world.” Written in Occitan, with some works in Catalan, and texts translated from other languages, it offers a year-by-year panorama of contemporary literary creation well beyond its own linguistic universe.
From Nice to Bordeaux, from Limoges and Clermont to Val d’Aran by way of the Occitan valleys of Italy, this review reveals first the creative vitality of the whole occitan territory within the ensemble of world literatures. Open to Catalan literature, it is, in its two languages, Occitan and Catalan, a privileged terrain for innovative experimentation
by authors who have chosen to pursue the adventure begun in Europe by the Troubadours. It is OC that has published the major texts by leading contemporary Occitan writers.


Based successively in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Nice, and now in Mouans-Sartoux (Alpes-Maritimes) the review, in its representation of authors and editors, covers the whole Occitan and Catalan world.
If prose, poetry, literary criticism, announcements of news and chronicles of cultural events make up the review’s usual components, it also devotes space to work by graphic artists, painters and photographers, whose images accompany the published texts.


Taking up the challenges of its time, OC has published special issues and has participated in numerous debates that address the most compelling problematics related to writing, power, and perspectives on creation in other languages besides “the great languages”. It has constantly invited members of upcoming generations to speak. In this context, it has just published the first collections in a bilingual series (Occitan-French or Catalan-French), entitled OC/Passatges, devoted to letting these new voices be heard, voices up to now seldom present in the literary landscape. Finally, the review, while participating in this year’s major cultural happenings, itself stimulates other events that constitute as many opportunities to serve creative openness.


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